The Recording Studio uses a Digital Audio recording system comprising of a MOTU 24 I/O digital interface sequenced by Cubase SX and a enabling a maximum of 24 track simultaneous recording.

The results can then be mixed “in the box”, or run through our Analogue Soundtrack console, or the files can be prepared for the customer to take away and work on using their own digital audio computer system.

Voiceover, Commercial and Business: £35 per hour
Studio Recording : £30 per hour flat rate
Weekend Discount (fri-sun) bulk discount: £175 per 8 hours
Regulars Off-Peak Rate (those who record/ rehearse with us fortnightly at least): £150 per 8 hours

Please Note
• these hours do not have to be used in one session, you may spread them out over a couple of days/weeks.

However, the full amount for the block you are purchasing must be settled on the 1st part of the session used.

Other Services
In addition to recording bands we also record and produce narration, voiceovers and advertisements, more details available on request.